Introducing Ciraplex™ ULTRA Ultrasensitive Assays Combining the Power of Multiplexing with Ultrasensitivity

Ciraplex™ ULTRA Ultrasensitive Assays with femtogram/ml (fg/ml) levels of detection address multiple biomarkers in a wide range of therapeutic areas. These kits offer enhanced sensitivity and an extended dynamic range providing quantification below standard. As well, intuitive Cira™ software streamlines the data management process providing exceptional data control.

The Cira™ immunoassay platform was specifically designed by a team of Aushon engineers and biologists to offer accurate multiplex biomarker analysis with simplicity and savings in mind. The Cira™ platform combines the accuracy and precision of ELISA, the sensitivity of chemiluminescence, and the throughput and affordability of multiplexing. The circular Ciraplex® format (patent-pending) offers enhanced accuracy and precision versus traditional protein array configurations. The Aushon menu features key biomarkers in a wide range of therapeutic areas being used to enhance knowledge and improve decision-making in translational medicine.

Cira Confidence: Ultrasensitivity Multiplexing Intuitive Simplicity Savings

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